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Best Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

by Selena

The habit of eating a healthy and balanced breakfast is the main concern of all dieticians and nutritionists. You can make better choices for the rest of your day if you begin the day with the right breakfast choice. The best choice of breakfast assists you in meeting the daily requirement of all the nutrients and food groups.


There is a common misperception that skipping breakfast helps in decreasing weight but studies have depicted that people who eat regular balanced breakfast tend to have lower Body-mass Index or BMI. Having a complete breakfast keeps you going through the day. You must include quality breakfasts in your diet. To help you with a few best options for quality breakfast we have listed down a few tips in detail.


1. Incorporate an Antioxidant Source

Most people are not aware of the functions of the antioxidants. It is an important defense mechanism for the body as it can help defend the body against a lot of biochemical changes that might have happened due to a sudden rush of emotions like stress etc. Renowned and registered nutritionists always advise including antioxidants in your breakfast routine even if it is in only one item in breakfast. It is highly important if you think you have an intense day ahead. The best antioxidants are kale, yogurt, blueberries etc.


2. Choose Whole Grains

Experts are of the view that if you start your day with the appropriate food then you will have a good day ahead. Including whole grains in your breakfast is a good option instead of incorporating refined grains like cereal and muffins to mention a few. Whole grain is a great way to enhance the amount of fiber in the body which is needed in breakfast. It assists in balancing the sugar level of the body and keeps your stomach full for a longer period. Whole grain kaiser rolls can help keep your digestive system on the right track by keeping the cholesterol level in a required range.


3. Keep Your Sugar Intake Minimal

You might think twice before starting your day with a pastry, cake, or anything of similar nature. Starting the day with a huge amount of usage keeps your body lazy all day. It is not a good formula for the success of your body. The body usually uses sugar for energy but the highest dose of sugar first thing in the morning is of no use. Instead, it leads to enhancing the weight of the body and makes you obese. When you are overweight you feel dizzy and lazy all day.

So stop the intake of sugary food, especially in your breakfasts.


4. Make Room for Fruits and Veggies

Your breakfast should not revolve around only one food item. Instead, try to have all the items of food from all food groups. Eat in portions to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Always make room for fruits in your breakfast. I can add so much to your body in terms of nutrients. It is said that the more colorful the breakfast, the healthier it is. Not sure how you can add veggies to your breakfast. You can add tomatoes, spinach, or even onion to your omelet.