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Live Streaming Services in Singapore: Pricing and Benefits

by Selena

There are several live streaming Singapore services available today. Most popular websites have their own live streaming embed, such as YouTube, Facebook, and more. However, there are third-party services that offer a wider range of features. These services often offer higher stream quality, a more professional look and feel, and better interactivity for the audience. It is these third-party live streaming services Singapore price that we are going to be discussing the pricing and benefits in the next section.

What is live streaming? Live streaming Singapore refers to the broadcast of video and audio in real-time over the internet. This technology allows the viewing audience to watch and listen to the broadcast over unicast (one-way) connections and two-way connections. The biggest difference between live streaming and webcasting is the interactivity of the video. Webcasting doesn’t allow for interaction with the audience, whereas live streaming does. Live streaming technology is often employed to relay live events such as sports, concerts, and more. With today’s technology and the increase of mobile device users, live streaming has become affordable and practical for individuals and small businesses.

What is Live Streaming?

The primary purpose of live streaming is to give viewers access to otherwise exclusive content. Live video content generates more in-the-moment responses and discussions than a pre-recorded video, usually due to the fact that the content itself is “live.” This is a valuable tool for content creators as they develop a closer relationship with their fan base. Not only this, but viewers are more inclined to subscribe to a channel with live content to get notified for the next stream. YouTube channels with over 50,000 subscribers are able to broadcast live from their mobile devices to subscribers. This can be used as a useful marketing strategy by promoting an upcoming live stream to a bigger audience, building anticipation and notification essentially acting as a reminder to tune in. This can partially be credited to the fact that new live videos now appear in subscription feeds, giving content creators an easy way to expose new live content to a big audience. A notification is also sent to a channel’s subscribers to notify them that the channel has gone live. This is an effective feature for YouTubers whose main source of revenue comes from AdSense, as people are likely to click on the notification and watch the live stream if they are currently around their computer, thus increasing the number of viewers on the video. AdSense for live video is available for YouTubers and is another way to earn money from the live streaming platform through advertisements. Live video ads are fused into the stream like regular ads, but there is not an option to skip. Viewers can also purchase Super Chats to pin a comment on live chats and on the video for a set period of time. This is good for fan interaction as YouTubers can respond directly to the highlighted comments and questions. Live content is also better optimized for search. When a YouTuber goes live, it is likely that their live stream will be suggested on the right side of the page when someone watches related content. This gives the content creator more exposure as they are able to reach new viewers who may not have known about them before.

Importance of Live Streaming in Singapore

One of the recent studies showed that Singapore has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Southeast Asia, with approximately 73% of the population using the internet on a daily basis, and this number keeps growing every year. This is valuable information for event organizers and corporate companies to start taking live streaming as a means to relay their events to the people. With high connectivity to the internet, it will enable the viewers to tune in to the event easily without having any internet-related problems. Live streaming Singapore does not necessarily require a very high bandwidth. There are various qualities that can be changed on the streaming, and people with low internet connectivity can still tune in to the event with lower video quality.

During the event, chat systems are usually embedded into the live streaming video player to allow real-time interaction between the viewers and the event owner. Viewers have the ability to post comments and offer real-time feedback while the event is taking place. This enables an increase in fan interaction and creates an environment with the event owner and the viewers despite not being in the same location. Live conferencing and exposure is another method used to increase fan interaction. The event owner can set up a brief session to interview or offer some sort of promotional packages for the upcoming event to the viewers. This is to create strong awareness and attract more viewers to the event.

Human society and social events are always interconnected. One of the new and modern ways of the interaction that has been introduced is live streaming. It is a technique to relay the video or audio coverage of an event that is happening in one place to another place via the web. Mostly, it is used to cover and share the event around the globe while it is taking place. It is now becoming a powerful force on the web and its capability is to bring an event closer to the people who are unable to attend it. Live streaming services prices Singapore are mostly used by event organizers and corporate companies in Singapore to relay their events, product launches, and new technology trends directly to the people.

Live Streaming Services in Singapore

 The live streaming Singapore service provider that offers a video streaming service. This can take the form of a live broadcast from an event of some kind on the internet. The details of the event to be streamed will depend on the provider of the service, it can range from concerts to sporting events to conferences and to video podcasts. Event streaming can also be used as a tool to boost awareness about a cause or an issue. Simulated Live is an online events platform that provides live streaming service for webinar, webcasting and web conferencing with prerecording video in private and secure event console. This is a best solution for those who want to conduct a live event over time zone or to rebroadcast their video seminar. Nowadays, Singapore has become one of the countries that have many global business activities such as concerts, international seminars, and sports. With people whose lives are always on the fast pace, business with a live streaming service would be their perfect choice to deliver their information. This article will help you to know more about live streaming services in Singapore prices. There are many live streaming service providers, each of them has their own unique features and benefits. But here we provide some top live streaming service providers along with the features, benefits, and their pricing plans.

Features and Benefits of Live Streaming Services

Compared to free live video streaming tools, live video platforms have a variety of features that can be utilized to your advantage. The most common platform today, Ustream, offers features such as live chat, Twitter integration, and recording & DVR. Live video platforms such as these will make a great fit for your event, whether it is a town hall meeting, press conference, or even a live interview. These platforms make an easy set up for you and a welcoming interactive experience for your viewers. Twitter integration features can automatically tweet when you begin broadcasting and display a live follow-up conversation with your Twitter followers. Record and DVR allows for content to be saved and viewed at a later time, or when the viewer has availability. Any of the recordings can also be turned into clips which you can also share at a later time.

Pricing Plans and Packages

The pricing plans and packages for live streaming services in Singapore price differ with each provider in terms of the amount of data, length of the event, or number of viewers. Some of the vendors may offer a few different packages for a variety of purposes, such as live casting a small event or a 3-day conference. Prices range from as low as $10 an hour to $125 for the same duration. The price is relative to the quality of the stream, as well as other factors that are not applicable to bandwidth use, such as CDN storage and the ability to record a stream. An example of this would be Streamcast, which offers $45 for 100 viewers on conference settings with a recording time of 3 hours. Viewers who sign up for an annual contract will have a 10% discount, whereas customers who are non-profit organizations will get another 25% off. On the other hand, Digital Horizon has a flat rate of $75 an hour to stream for CD quality audio and streaming video, compared to the price of $25 to do the same with a rather small 30-second buffer with Opticode.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Live Streaming Service

Reliability is when a site has a consistent level of service in its uptime. This is crucial for a streaming site as no viewers want to watch a stream that is constantly cutting out. Viewers are more likely to return to a site with high uptime as they do not want to miss an event due to the stream being unavailable. This therefore leads to viewers being attracted to projects hosted on your site as they can see that you have a good stream uptime. An established reputation can be a key factor in a successful project, event, or teaching. High reliability provides more confidence that your event will be completed without any technical disruptions.

Streaming quality and reliability There are many factors to consider when selecting a live streaming Singapore company. For most companies, the main consideration will be the level of service quality the site offers. This is usually quantified by the level of reliability, quality, and the capacity of the site.

Streaming Quality and Reliability

– Varying levels of streaming quality and reliability are provided by different ISPs and CDNs. – The highest quality live streaming services available today use a dedicated streaming server. – These streaming services have more versatility with overlaying graphics, ad insertion, and switching between multiple streams. – Higher quality streams result in higher viewer satisfaction. – It is important to also note that higher quality streams require a higher bit rate. – An ADSL/Cable internet connection can support up to 1500kbps video bit rate. – Higher bit rates are possible with faster internet connections. – A T1 Line or faster is typically needed for truly reliable, higher quality streaming. – A higher quality stream is more resilient to quality fluctuations that may occur when automatically adapting to viewers’ connection speeds. – Interactive features such as chat and embedding the video player on another webpage may not be possible with some types of stream. – Make sure to ask about these features if they are important to you.

Customization and Branding Options

Customization and branding options – Within live streaming player, the provider’s logo is always present, usually in one of the corners of the video area. This is fine for some, but others want a service that makes them look like the sole provider of the content. A more advanced company with higher budget capabilities will want to make sure their branding is all over the player and even the entire site where the player is hosted. For these options, companies should be prepared to spend more on a higher quality service. A customizable player can be crucial as well. Depending on the content of the video, live streamers may want to have different looking players for different series or channels. An easily customizable player can also save some frustration for the less tech-savvy. All of this customization can make it really feel like the player is your own. Branding opportunities within the player are important to help drive advertising revenues for the streamed content. Make sure there are clickable overlays or ads that can be inserted into the stream at specified times. These ads should have custom clickable links that can direct viewers to external sites. An ad and link manager helps give control over what ads are shown to which viewers and when. At times, users may also want to insert pre-roll or post-roll ads. This is not as important as clickable ads, but if a brand is looking to simulate the television viewing experience this can be an effective tool. The latest innovation in web content branding is using a stream with custom content protection. With custom content protection, a stream cannot be embedded and played on an external site. This causes the viewer to visit the original site on which the content is hosted. The content owner will in effect drive traffic to their site and not the site of an individual who has posted their content. The more strict content protection will completely lock the video to only be viewable by certain users, based on IP address and registration information. These tools make it more difficult for the stream to be accessible by those who are not supposed to view it, and can greatly reduce illegal video distribution. A brand or company with valuable video content will find these tools important to protecting their content and increasing revenues.

Technical Support and Customer Service

There must be various methods to contact the support team such as a hotline, email or an instant messaging system. A ticket system is usually not preferred for urgent problems because the users have to wait for replies which can be time-consuming. Having a forum to discuss problems is a good platform for the community to help each other but it is not suitable as accurate information and instructions may not be provided and users with urgent problems may not receive a prompt solution. During critical times, the support team must be quick to identify and solve problems that are reported by users or those that are detected from the system. Live maintenance or updates to solve problems should be informed to the users early and should be done during off-peak times to minimize inconvenience to users.

A reliable technical support and great customer service play a vital role when engaging a live streaming service. Despite how good a live streaming service is, problems can occur anytime and it is crucial to be well-prepared. There needs to be a support system to provide immediate assistance so that the problem can be solved faster. Responses from customer service must be fast, accurate and efficient. This ensures lesser downtime and fewer interruptions during a live stream.

Integration with Social Media Platforms

Social media has taken the world by storm. With everyone staying connected through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it has become increasingly essential to engage audiences through social media. When live streaming an event, it is possible to further engage audiences through using various social media platforms. However, there are live streaming services that integrate social media poorly – sometimes you will need to screen capture your live stream and broadcast it through your social media platform, or you may not be able to see statistics from your live stream. This is why it is important to choose a live streaming service with good social media integration. A good social media integration has many benefits. Primarily, it can help to increase the viewership of your live stream. A post to your social media can notify your followers that you are live, and they can share the post with their friends. Consequently, this can also help with audience engagement – a quick and easy way for viewers to share your live stream is through Facebook or Twitter. Some services also provide the ability to post directly to social media from the live stream. This means that you can keep viewers updated with posts about the live stream, and if they see the post on Facebook, there will be a direct link to the live stream.

A viewer’s investments for live streaming differ based on the type of content and reliability of service. The premium providers are more focused towards corporations and users with high content traffic. Free live streaming websites usually allow more viewers at once but do not provide advanced service options and typically are limited to providing only a few events. These companies tend to take advantage of their users by not informing them that they will still be charged to broadcast their event. Live streaming services Singapore prices in Singapore often include monetization of videos such as pay per view and on-demand pay. Regulatory Federal Communications Commission and The European Directive require providers to have access to a video for on-demand pay to include closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Then an additional cost is added on to the service package to transcribe the spoken words to text, leading to or even exceeding 40% higher in cost with these features.